How all your dreams can come true!

As an engineer and entrepreneur, since the beginning my mission has always been to make the world better, by building things using technology that positively impact the lives of millions of people. Dreams, as I have written before, have helped me turn my own life around for the better. I strongly believe that dreams can make your and everyone else’s lives much better. So, I have spent some time literally coding, and codifying my thinking, into an app that can help make all your dreams come true. I call it Infidreams (short for Infinite Dreams). You can download the iOS app to get started. Other platforms are coming soon, and you can sign up here to get notified about their availability.

The Infidreams app can help all your infinite dreams come true, by helping you dream more, then plan out actionable to dos to achieve your dreams in a deliberate manner, track progress, ask for help when needed. Also, the Infidreams app has a diary in which you can periodically reflect, introspect and record your thoughts and feelings, so you feel in control of your life, and feel at peace, having expressed yourself. Simply, Infidreams helps you achieve your dreams, while staying happy.


Specifically, the Infidreams app lets you do the following:

  1. DREAM: Write and see all your dreams, goals, aspirations, wishes, missions, visions and hopes, so you feel inspired and motivated about the future
  2. DO: Realise all your dreams by adding to dos that give you a step by step plan of action towards success in your endeavours
  3. DIARY: Reflect on your day and record your thoughts, feelings and ideas in your personal, confidential diary to help you stay connected with yourself and your inner voice.
  4. DISCUSS: If you want to, discuss with your trusted ones who have certain experiences, expertise and empathy that you can rely upon, about how to get certain things done, or how to go about achieving certain goals, and request their help and encouragement in getting things done and/or achieving particular dreams.
  5. INFIDREAMS IS CONFIDENTIAL, PRIVATE & SECURE: Everything you write and store on Infidreams, is completely private, personal and confidential to you. It is encrypted and accessible only to you. Whatever you write is backed up daily, and stored securely in the cloud, so only you can access your Infidreams anywhere, anytime from any of your devices.
  6. FREE: The app is completely free to use. I’ve made it because I really believe it can help everyone. And if everyone’s lives get better, our world gets better. That’s always been my mission, my dream: to make our world better.

Who is Infidreams meant for, you might ask? Well, I believe that dreams, and the best in life, are not meant just for a select few, and not for someone in a particular situation, but for everyone, in all situations. We are all special, each of us 7+ billion humans on this earth. Whatever our current situation, we all deserve to be happy, and if empowered, each of us can do amazing things. If only we dream, and work towards those dreams. If only we periodically pause and reflect, and course correct when things are going off-track. If only we were allowed to fully express ourself, can we truly become our best self.

I hope you now realise the power of dreams. More importantly, I hope you’ll dream. I hope that all your dreams will come true. I hope that you try the Infidreams app to make your life better and that you achieve all your dreams while staying happy. And I hope that this world becomes better as a result of 7+ billion Infidreamers who successfully make their lives and the world around them better. 

I can’t wait to see you get started! Happy dreaming… doing… and succeeding!

Warm regards,

Rohan Verma, Founder, Infidreams
Contact me: Twitter | LinkedIn

P.S – I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about the Infidreams app in the comments section below. To help shape the Infidreams app for the better, feel free to give your detailed insights and perspectives on dreams and once you’ve tried the Infidreams app, your user feedback. I will definitely incorporate your insights and feedback as I iterate on the Infidreams app. I am committed to building something that becomes truly useful and valuable to you and all others. To stay updated follow this blog.

P.P.S – Again, you can download the iOS app to get started. Other platforms are coming soon, and you can sign up here to get notified about their availability. I really believe and hope Infidreams will make your life better!

Author: Infidreams

Infidreams is an app that helps you make all your dreams come true.

4 thoughts on “How all your dreams can come true!”

  1. I completely believe in the power of dreams. A dream once envisioned subconsciously drives one in the right direction to take the appropriate steps and before you realize you are much closer to your dream. Great initiative. All the best to Infidreams

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